Tracing The Origin And History Of The Present-Day State Of Ohio

April 24, 2018 State Of Ohio

Ohio, as we know, is the bustling city. But do you know that Ohio had a pre-historic settlement for thousands and thousands of years by Paleo-Indian people, far from today’s burgeoning city of tasteful homes and nice white baths. Their primary occupation was hunting animals as per the carvings and fossils discovered of that time. They used to hunt many large animals by using stone tools. With the changing time, the evolved race of Native American was able to make earthen monuments. These earthen monuments were used as burial tomb for dead. Even today you can find them in the country side of Ohio.

From the middle of the 18th Century, many fur traders from England and France started trading with Native Americans. After American Revolutionary War, the modern day of Ohio was settled by migrants from New England, Pennsylvania, and New York. While; Yankees settled in the Western part supported the modernization and end of slavery and took part with the Union in the Civil War, though Copperhead sentiments were prevalent in Southern part of the state.

Ohio has its generous share in the arena of politics. Ohio is the native state of eight American Presidents. After the Civil War, Ohio developed rapidly with the boon of industrialization and manufacturing. The state is located at the strategic point of both Northern and Southern crossroads. It had its share of upheavals from the era of Greta Depression, Ku Klux Klan to modern times.…

Top Facts That You Must Know If You Are Planning To Visit Or Shift To Ohio

April 23, 2018 Shift To Ohio
  • Ohio is one of the most diverse states of United State of America that have been witness to a generous number of movements, wars, and upheavals. If you are going to visit the city anytime soon, here are some mind-blowing facts that will surely give you a fresh perspective on the culturally diverse state. Take a look:
  • Ohio’s first settlement Marrietta was founded in the year 1788 and was named after Queen Marie Antoinette of France. It is situated in the North-Western territory of the state.
  • Ohio got its name from the Iroquois word of ‘Oyo’. It means the great river.
  • The state flag of Ohio is the only non-rectangular shaped flag of the American State. The flag was adopted after a century of Ohio’s statehood in the year 1902.
  • Ohio is divided into 88 countries, and Vinton is the smallest country in Ohio.
  • About twenty percent of the state’s total population; lives in the rural area.
  • State’s present capital Columbus was designated in the year 1816. Before that, the area of Chillicothe and Zanesville were the joint capital.
  • Now as the capital Columbus is the fifteenth largest city in the whole of America.
  • Ohio is known as ‘Mother of Presidents’. Out of eight presidents who were from the state, only two served the full term, and the rest died while they were in the office.